Laser Lights

Skiing was in the tentative plans for our family, but it turned out to be a bit windy and cold. So, Romay and I stayed occupied by playing with our best friend, Kemper. Romay went down to the Serum mushers and "borrowed" some dog booties, next thing we know, Kemper is sporting green and black lookin' socks. Kemper has quite a hard time maneuvering himself with those things on. Next, we took out the laser light and watched him chase it on the linoleum floor, more like gallop without getting anywhere! Kemper is a yellow lab and you can't really talk about the Harris' without Kemper in the picture. In fact, I might get more offended with someone bad mouting our dog than myself. Anyways, Romay is looking to play with photobooth, here is her picture along with myself.


pixellust said...

Two years ago I went snowboarding at Hatchers Pass with my friend Brian, first run was nice and sunny. An hour later, it was overcast, windy, and started to snow.

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Trappin' & Coffee said...

hey "dash" i got a change to check out your blog! maybe i ought to leave a comment at your blog instead of mine. i know someone in he bssd who listens to the podcasts you put in for changepoint!

pixellust said...

Wow, that is amazing! I've gotta take a look at the IP address's to see who it is :)

Do they know they can download the entire podcast directory in iTunes?

Kenny G said...

Jason & Myra,
I love the site. I can't wait to come visit next year! It is pretty cool seeing the pictures since I had no idea what to expect. Keep up the blogging and I will be checking in on you guys!

In Him!
Kenny G

pixellust said...

Yeah I had gone to see a witch doctor to have her place a hex on who ever Shaktoolik plays. No I kid :P

Caribou does sound good, sounds a lot better than buffalo wings (I've been ordering that way too much at The Peanut Farm, Jennifer and I went there last night)