It is our favorite holiday, time off from work for Jay and LOTS of food. It is a precursor to what Christmas break feels like-relaxing after a ski, games with friends, coffee, telling stories, coffee...haha. So our house is becoming more of a home, not so much a project. We have moved in. We are still without plumbing, but our friends down the street have opened their home for basic needs, such as the bathroom. They are out of town, expecting a baby, so we are taking care of their dog and using their kitchen and bath for now. As we shuffle things to our new house, shelves need to go up still and much of our belongings are still packed, or were thrown in at the last minute, hence the clutter of tubs and random things that are waiting to be placed properly. Kemper loves the woods, lots of trees to do his outdoor business on. He is a lab who needs some sort of brush, trees, or grass to relieve himself, he has always been that way. SO, besides making a post of information you really didn't want to know on our dog and our latest living conditions, here come the pictures!

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