Saturday Work Day

Today was spent cutting out trees to make a place for our driveway. Wait, lets back up, we woke up to Community Coffee. This type of coffee is roasted in Louisiana, a teaching friend we had in Koyuk introduced us to it and so I just had to order a few pounds. We do drink coffee by the pound during the teaching week. Romay had a friend over, giggles! Random bursts of laughter filled the house all friday night, it was cool. Sourdough isn't just for saturdays, I make it during the work week as well. I often ask Jason what he would like for breakfast and well, sourdough is usually on the menu for most mornings. So, after a right start, we were off to the lot. 7 hours later, we have trees cut and a space for gravel and our driveway. Jason did all of the grunt work, I do all the little jobs that save time, like moving brush out of the way and gassing up his machine when it dies. We are so grateful to be doing work toward a home that we will begin to see take place in about a month! Jay will be putting in the foundation in less than two weeks. We will post pictures for sure! More to come!

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