Preparing to Prepare

Myra and I have planned out having our own house about fifty different times and in as many ways. Each time it just hasn't worked out... this time though... this time. The photo shows our final final floor plan (not a typo, I meant to have two finals in there).
Through this whole ordeal, God has been amazing about providing us with places to live, helping us with building materials, placing friends in our lives that know about building and continue to encourage us... God has just been amazing in this. Like any good teacher, when He gives us a test, He wants us to pass... here's hoping we did our studying correctly this time.
This floor plan is smaller than our first one through First Day and measure out at a little over 1000 square feet. We will be paying for it out of pocket (better luck next time Wells Fargo) and it will be cozy and easy to heat. We are building with the thought in mind that if we end up needing more room later... additions to the family, Gram coming to live with us, etc. that we'll add on then... again out of pocket. We are also building with the thought in mind of adding on a garage with our dream wood gasification boiler installed... Oh Greenwood, thou heatest my house like a warm summer's day... but again, we're building out of pocket and that will need to wait until another time.
We'll try to keep people posted as to what is going on with materials, foundation, etc. This is definitely a place where you can pray for the Harris family.

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