We're doing fine...

in our little hole, called Galena. I know its hard to communicate with us through modern means; the telephone, internet, or even cell, but this post is to confirm our existance! UPDATES: We're NOT buying the house, we're now building in the spring. The difference between you and I is that you can get over this news pretty quickly. See. Now you're over it. Romay's birthday is saturday and she is turning twelve! THis is a busy weekend and so we'll be celebrating it next weekend. We will be moving into a friend's place for the winter as they needed housesitters, yay, score! We had some boarding school kids over last weekend and celebrated a birthday together. Well, that is so much news, I'll just have to sign off and not give too much of an update, what would I talk about next time? (BYE! I am 'borrowing' airwaves and wanted to keep this short)

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