Was feeling like poop, but I couldn't pass up Jason's nachos!
Nacho night!
Romay came home; her consequence for playing basketball in her socks! hahaha.
Oxyclean should take care of this!


Harriette said...

Hey go rocka rocka cha cha cha!
Believe it or not that way a cheer
when I was your age. LOL!
How beautiful your feet are!

Jeni said...

So...I tried calling the cell phone number you gave me last year and got the message that your mailbox has not been set up. I thought that was weird. Then, a few moments later I got a phone call and it was this guy frantically asking how I got his number. I tried explaining it used to be my friends number. He asked who, like he was going to know you. So he wasn't getting it, so I said, sorry I got the wrong number. Real cheap you never give me your new phone number. I didn't realize you were going to FAI this weekend. I hope you had fun! Give me a call when you get back.