Bro and I

My brother, George, and I had an evening to spare here in Anchorage, so, we drove out to the airport and watched planes land and take off. This gives us a chance to talk about various topics ranging from politics to random facts my brother recites from all the reading that he does. I really enjoy his company, my brain appreciates the fact food and we just have good 'ol fashioned fun together. Of course, it's customary to buy him dinner (big sister treating little brother), and if he's up for it, help me shop, which isn't as exciting as watching 737's take off. George does website building, makes me laugh, and is well, my brother I've grown to appreciate and love as we get older.


DuneMoose said...

What a perfect place to hang out and spend time!!

DuneMoose said...

I think we should play goomuks tonight.

DuneMoose said...

Even though we got boycotted by the girls last night, I still had a great time visiting with you Jay. I think they knew we'd have blown them out at goomuks. Myra's healing knee would've been a disadvantage for her, and Jeni would've just been down on talent for that one. Perhaps Taboo is next?

DuneMoose said...

This blog entry reminds me of one time in Palmer when me, George, Tom and Crystal were hanging out and George says, "Did you know that the Boeing 747 is made up of over 10 million individual parts, and not one of them on their own is capable of flying?" LOL!! Something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

I look like a pumpkin, and as if I'm saying:

*femine voice*

Oh hi, what a wonderful pair of shoes you have on, where did you get them?!

That was fun watching planes take off and land, although there wasn't much that did take off.