Where's Romay??

Leona. First, it seems like we're sitting down to eat and miraculously, there's a knock on the door. The kids start yelling, "door's open!", Kemper starts barking and sprinting full speed, even if he knocks Jay over on the way, and the parents are trying to scramble to beat the dog to the door before the guest does so. If we're really lucky, the phone would have been ringing as this fiasco is going on.
"Oh Hi Leona," Romay greets in a light hearted voice.
Without hesitation, "Where's Romay?" Leona distantly responds. "Wait a minute, I think, does she always say this as she is looking right at Romay?" This routine has become somewhat normal now, when we know Leona is making her way over, often the kids and I will hide our smiles as we know the steps Leona will take....knock knock (woof woof goes Kemper), COME IN, hi Leona someone says, WHERE'S ROMAY? I think we'll get T-shirts with Leona's face on the front and the back will say, "where's Romay?"
I just wanted to share this story with "you" since a character like Leona makes our day. It's no surprise when she has us all laughing about her singing, or MILLIONS of questions too obvious for common sense, or her squeezing in between people on the couch to better see the TV. Here's a picture of us three girls, Leona let Romay squeeze in the middle.


Tera said...

"Naami Romay?"

*Shoulder shrug* followed by a somewhat audible, "Uhh-uuuhh."

I love this story. Sure made me giggle. And made me excited to go home.

Trappin' & Coffee said...

Hey there...we can't wait to have you home too! Are you tired of packing tape, cardboard boxes, and labeling boxes yet? I sure am looking forward to that first cup of coffee with you, afterall, I think I have you to thank for getting me hooked! There is something about the thought of drinking coffee while Ethan and Romay are homeschooling with me. Meanwhile, you're at work, sipping coffee too! Coffee, uniting friends from across the Sound since high school ended.