Devil's Hill

I can't help and laugh when this afternoon plays back in my head. Mom, the kids, Kemper and I drove the 4-wheeler and trailer for a good 'ol family time. Since we had gone close to town and felt disappointed with the slopes, it was time to just drive to Devil's Hill and satisfy our appetite for going fast. Man was it ever cold riding out there, facing the North wind and the going was slow.

The scence that had me bent over gasping for air was when Jason and Romay decided to walk further up the hill and impress us all. You can see from the picture just how much trail you can sled, also depends on how far you're willing to walk. So they went a ways up and began to zip down the hill. Mom and I were near the middle of the hill. As they began, I heard giggles and pure enjoyment, by the time they reached me, you could tell they were concentrating....simply trying to stay on the trail. Toward the bottom, they were flying, except only backwards and shifting from side to side with Jason's long legs making snow fly into the air. Alas, they decended into the ditch where they disappeared and I enjoyed laughing for a couple of minutes. Awful cute since they were holding hands and walking back up the hill.

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Tera said...

Awesome! After I read this post, I wondered, "What am I doing in MN? Why am I not in KKA laughing at silly kids?" (I include Jason with 'silly kids.') Real fun pics. What a happy family. :D Love it.